Southern Arc Welding Ltd. Co. has teamed up with financing partners to offer our students a unique financing option. Our partners work with students, educators, and employers to help people excel in skills-based careers.


Our partners know you are more than your credit score, and that is why they look at your past achievements to potentially enhance your loan options.

A few reasons why our partners are a great option for students include:

  •  Fixed and variable interest rates available** Flexible payment options, including deferring full principal and interest payments until 3 months after you complete your training

  • Customer support available 6 days a week

  • 0.25% interest rate deduction if you sign up for autopay***

Checking your loan options with our partners has never been easier. You can fill out a short application to check your loan options without impacting your credit score.

If loan options are available to you, our partners will request the final portion of your information to finalize your application. This could be in the form of:

  • Academic Experience (Official or unofficial transcript or HSE certification)

  • Military Experience (DD214)


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