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Counting down the five welding industries you need to check out ASAP

These are the 5 welding industries you need to check out ASAP if you're thinking of making a career out of welding.

What do you think of when someone mentions they are a welder? Welding as a craft is required in many places all around the world. There are all kinds of industries that utilize welding as a primary force in their work and process chain. In this post I will count down the five welding industries you need to check out ASAP in order to broaden your horizon if you are interested in making a career out of welding.

Welding Industry #5: Mobile Commercial/Industrial

Mobile weldins machine on g truck with a welding gathe back.
Mobile welding truck.

From large bakeries to manufacturing plants, and everything in between, welders are needed to come in and make emergency repairs. Most of these places have maintenance teams on site ready to put the occasional band aid on something when it breaks, but when the repair is larger than what they can handle, or a full overhaul is required, teams of mobile welding contractors are called in to tackle the job. Emergency welding repair can be a very lucrative industry to work in because a lot of these places cannot afford the downtime and are therefore very willing to pay a premium for a talented welder to come in and get the job done. They say diamonds are created under pressure and if you think that is an environment in which you shine best, then mobile commercial welding is for you.

Pros: Very lucrative.

Cons: Fast paced, never know what you're going to get.

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Welding Industry #4: Manufacturing

Welders in a manufacturing plant welding different processes.
Welding manufacturing plant.

Welding is best under a controlled environment, at least in an ideal world. The closest we can get to having a controlled environment in which we can control as many variables as we would like is in a shop environment. Welding manufacturing occurs in welding shops of all sizes working for many different industries. The pay range for any given job will definitely depend on the industry for which it welds for but these jobs usually offer more longevity if you are looking to settle somewhere and perhaps nurture your family.

Pros: Stable, can make a whole career at some of these places.

Cons: Medium pay, may become repetitive.

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Welding Industry #3: Maritime/Ports/Offshore

Rope access welders hanging off an offshore rig in the ocean.